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Bespoke and Couture Bridal

If you're looking for your perfect dress.

If you want the perfect fit.

If you want professional finish and care.

If you want all of the details taken care of.

              Our couture process is for you.

Bespoke: Our Policies

The Bespoke Process

Having your wedding dress made is an amazing experience. It allows you to see the dress come together first hand. Your dress will be designed and made using years of experience and couture techniques. There are endless design and fabric options to bring your dream dress to life. The process is all inclusive, so along with being perfectly fitted and styled, your dress will be hemmed and bustled for you; eliminating the need for alterations.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is a chance to meet face to face and go over all of the details to find out what you want your dress to look like. Whether you have decided on the features and style of your dress, or you have a tonne of questions about what's possible, this is the time to go through everything. You will be booked in for a sit down appointment to allow adequate time for discussion and to answer any questions, this process is free of charge.

This appointment also allows time to go through the Bespoke process in more depth and lay out the finer details.

We are working on our first sample collection so that you are able to try on different styles and silhouettes, and so that you can see the quality of work you can expect from one of our custom gowns. We also have a large selection of fabric and lace on hand for you to choose from. If you can't find what you want in our stock, we are happy to try to source something for you.

If you want to go ahead with a quote, you will receive a custom design sketch of your dress with all of the details noted for your reference. Once your quote is finalised you will receive an information pack about the process, all of the details of your dress including fabric samples, and information about scheduled fittings and any information regarding payments and payment plans.

Fashion Sketch

Measurement Appointment

Your measurement appointment will be scheduled for 4 to 6 months out from the date of your wedding. A full set of measurements will be taken so that we can start working on your personalised patterns.


The Fitting Process

First Fitting: The first fitting is all about getting the shape and fit right. At this appointment you will try on a toile or muslin version of your dress and it will be fitted to your exact proportions. This is also when we will look at the design and lines of your dress and make sure that things like the neckline and any seamlines are in proportion and in the correct positions.

Second Fitting: The second fitting is when you start to see your dress come to life; your dress will be cut in your chosen fabrics. At this fitting we will double check the fit and decide on the placement of features like lace or draped detailing.

Third Fitting: At the third fitting your dress will be almost finished, most details like lace and trims will be in place. At this fitting we will mark the position of closures and things like pearl buttons, as well as finalising your hem and bustle.

Taking Measurments

Final Fitting and Pick up

Your final fitting is the final time to try on your dress and make sure that everything is perfect before you take it with you ready for your big day. This is very often the final look for the bride before her wedding day. Everything about your dress will be ready; it will be perfectly fitted, it will have the perfect finishing touches and it will be perfectly pressed and steamed so that all you have to do is step into it on your wedding day.

This is the best opportunity for you to check that you are happy with all of your accessories for the day as well. If we have made your veil, it will be ready for you and you can try it on with your dress. You are also encouraged to try on any hairpieces, earrings or other jewellery that you might be considering.

This is such an exciting day for the bride and her guests, as well as for us. There's nothing quite like handing over a bride's dream dress in anticipation of her special day. 

Dress on the Wall
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